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J is for juicing 🍏 🍌 🥑

The trend of juicing isn't going anywhere, but is there any evidence behind it?

Whilst we can all agree that we should be eating more fruit and veg, juicing could mean that we are eating fewer nutrients than if we ate the whole food as many vitamins and minerals are in or near the skin. Not to mention getting rid of that all important insoluble fibre. There's also no evidence that we absorb nutrients better from juice or that juicing is cleansing or detoxing. Your liver does a perfectly good job of detoxing all by itself! And whilst juice diets will certainly help you shift some pounds while you're on them they're not a sustainable way to eat long term and the weight will most likely go back on as soon as you start eating normally again.

So I'd say having the odd juice as a tasty way of boosting your fruit and veg intake is great but doing it to detox or lose weight is unlikely to give you the result your looking for long-term.

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